The Move (Relocation 6 of 6)

My dear blog friends, we have officially moved to San Antonio, TX. As we traveled here from San Diego I had a multitude of emotions happening. So many that I am going to write a separate post about that after this. Hang tight and enjoy this one, for the time being.

We got the moving truck on depart on Friday, June 19th. That afternoon we began packing up the truck. This continued until the next day. Our initial plan was to leave at 2pm (3pm, being the latest). Welp, I departed at 6:30pm with the kids in our car; while Gil headed out at 7:30pm with the moving truck.

One last family photo with our first home.
Our journey East begins on the 8 (El Cajon by Lake Jennings).
Jacumba Mountains: still in California,but we are on I-10 and we will stay here until our final destination.

A shocking realization for us. However, we were not upset in the least, just very tired. Our day ended just after 1am when we arrived in Tucson, AZ. Surprisingly, I was ok up until 10:30pm. Then the last 10 minutes were some of the absolute toughest.

The next morning (June 21st) we got up and on the road at 10:30am. That night we stopped in El Paso, TX. Making it to our new home state, yet still having a 7.5 hour drive to reach our final destination.

LL starting the day off with Daddy in the truck!
Leaving Tucson…Benson, AZ just after Saguaro Natural Park.
Texas Canyon Rest Area in Arizona. Outside of Coronado National Forest, a little after Benson.
Texas state line.

That evening and the next night we enjoyed delicious dinners with Gil’s high school friends. The idea was to recoup for the long driving day by enjoying time with friends and showing the kids where Gil grew up, but you know…best laid plans and all. Still, it was really great to stop and reconnect with old friends.

Leaving El Paso: Ft. Hancock at 10:30AM.
Sun peeking through in Ft. Stockton, TX.
Green and lush in Junction, TX at 2PM. About 2 hours from San Antonio.
Downtown San Antonio, still on the 10. We made it!

Our last driving day was June 23rd. We arose at 5:30am to ensure an on-time arrival in San Antonio. The plan was to sign our lease so we could get into our new apartment. All went according to plan with a little help from numerous phone calls on the road and a couple of concessions from the rental company. That part was a little stressful, but since it ended up fine, all is well.

Now we are unloaded from the truck, living out of boxes. My guess is it will take about a week to settle in. Then after the July 4th holiday I will focus on school for the kids. We will have about a month remaining of summer after that.

We officially became Texas residents on a June 23rd. It was a hard move, but we did it! It had been 12 years since we moved all of our belongings and the first time we moved more than just our own stuff. I have to say, I think the addition of the dog and two kids was the part that put us a teeny bit over the edge OR maybe the whole ‘moving across the country’ part.

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