Going to Market!

As you all know we are moving – eek! A part of that process is selling our home. For us, it’s been a whirlwind.

We definitely put our best foot forward and are happy with the results. Over the last year Gil has put a lot of work into completing all the little things that always seem to get put on the back burner. This included painting all the walls and packing up two Uhaul boxes of our belongings.

Once we listed it only took 26 hours to get a great offer. It felt amazing, but also too good to be true. I mean, do we really accept an offer that comes so quickly or wait for a possible bidding war?

In the end, we accepted the first and only offer after 10 showings in three days. We figured after all of that, an a over list offer with typical contingencies was something we shouldn’t pass up.

The showings had started to become a hassle. Having to be out of our home each time, sanitize once we returned with hardly any options for spaces we could occupy because of Covid-19, while we were not allowed in our home. Plus, Gil had to work, so we all had to leave in our one car together, then he needed to work in the car. Not terrible, but it did start to feel cumbersome.

We are not regretting that decision either. Escrow has been simple, without surprises. Here is our listing so you can see all of our hard work. Below you can see the photos from our realtor.