Tour de Friendshouses

If you are an avid reader of this blog (of course, you are!) you know that our family has a big impending move ahead of us. It’s scary, exciting and now (kinda) on hold. I will update you more on the move in a future post, but for now, I want to talk about the day I had yesterday.

Everyone in our house is relieved to be on Spring Break. We were drowning in homeschooling, quarantine, worry about our relocation and meltdowns. Now we are figuring out how to relax cooped up together, it’s an adjustment that I am beginning to appreciate without the pressure of learning looming over us.

I even did 3 different exercise videos that added up to 50 minutes! This helped me breathe a bit better, think more clearly, feel stronger and dare I say — healthier.

The kids and I had planned to go on a bike ride together, but when it came time to venture out only Cecito was still interested. We made it around our block and he insisted that was enough…four-and-a-half minutes was all the boy could take. (insert eye roll here)

So, Gil suggested I go back out on my own and I did. It was great, I could go anywhere I wanted, at whatever speed and listen to tunes. Without a plan I decided to ride to a friend’s house, then another, and another…until I had been all over North Park and passed by seven different houses that my friends live in.

I didn’t actually talk to any of them or even see them, but internally I said a little ‘hello’ as I was passing by. Felt like an ideal daydream kinda ride in the middle of this quarantine. It only lasted 32 minutes, but I got 3.75 miles in and it felt like I was out of the house for a lot longer.

To all my friends who missed me swinging by yesterday, big virtual hugs to you: Megan, An, Christina, Kristin, Fabia, Layla, and Sara.

Have any of you done these weird or silly things to stay sane? Just me…