Road Trip, 2015

Our road trip to South Lake, Tahoe…

We started off as early as we could get on the road. We let the kids sleep until they naturally woke up, ate breakfast and hit the road. Planned to keep our driving to 5 hours or less each day. Gil researched pit stops and fun tourist things to experience. I have to say, it was a feat I wouldn’t have been able to organize. We were very lucky that Daddy set up such a great 11 day adventure for us. He even had contingency plans if we were behind or ahead of schedule.

Driving through California is spectacular, the terrain is astoundingly diverse and beautiful. The next few pictures were taken along the way to Lone Pine. It’s close to the base of Mt. Whitney, where people who want to climb that beast stay before starting the trek.

DSC_0273 DSC_0271 DSC_0276 IMG_7703

Then you have our backseat view of the babe. We put up a blanket to protect him from the sun. It worked surprisingly well.IMG_1769

We took a little potty for our three year old. She did an amazing job letting us know when she needed to take a pee break. This gem is taken on the side of the road in the middle of the desert. Hot and dry with high winds.IMG_7789

Here we have Randsburg, CA. A haunted town that wasn’t open when we rolled through, but still cool to see.IMG_7716

Our first night on the road. Lone Pine sunset.IMG_7713 Stopping for some fun before we head up the mountain to Lake Tahoe. Lampe Park enjoying the slide with Daddy. While LL climbs the wall, like a boss. DSC_0294 DSC_0288 Of course, we had to get some swing time in for the two of them.DSC_0297“But I don’t want to leave the park!” Toddler feet of someone who does not want to be looked at.
IMG_7721 Next door to our motel was the Film Museum. A really cool place for the area. Lots of movies filmed right by there. Old Westerns, Star Trek, Star Wars and many, many, many more!DSC_0225 Django UnchainedDSC_0229 Speaks for itself.DSC_0232 So beautiful. View from the Museum’s parking lot. The Alabama Hills are back there somewhere.IMG_7719

Headed home passing by, Sacramento, CA.

Sonoma!IMG_4632 Girard Winery, a wonderful place with yummy wines.IMG_7877California Wine Country
IMG_4630 View from the Ferry going to San Francisco.IMG_4642 We spent a beautiful afternoon with my old roommate and our good friend, Wayne. He left us a few years ago, so we jump at the chance to hang out with this old buddy. IMG_7910 Lunch at Sinbad’s. Good thing we decided this would be a good idea. They are being closed down for new construction. (sad face)IMG_4644 LL had important things to tell her new friend.IMG_4646 We love Wayne!IMG_4654I’m pretty sure LL really loved hanging out with Wayne.
IMG_7897 IMG_7895 The whole family, see Cecito passed out on my back?IMG_7911 Yep, she loved it.IMG_7884 So much that she passed out, right after he left.IMG_7899Leaving Vallejo, California. Next stop, Los Osos!
IMG_7915 Bi-Nana has chickens! (really her name is Liana, but that’s what LL calls her…for now)IMG_2034 She’s thinking…yeah, I think I like you.IMG_2036Time to feed the chickens! She had a blast.
IMG_2043 Oh AND I get eggs!IMG_2045 It was as good as a zoo.IMG_2048 I’m not really sure what Daddy was so concerned with, but it probably had something to do with chicken poop.IMG_2050Dreaming of feeding the chickens, too.IMG_7919 Nite-nite time with Bi-Nana. Momma wasn’t allowed in the room, but I got this anyway. Notice the photobomber, his name is Clyde.IMG_7934Morning Bi-Nana! I don’t want to leave. (me either, kid)IMG_7939Almost home!IMG_7944

And one more gem, this video. We had lots of singing in the car time. It was fun.

There you have it! Our little vacation. A great time with even better memories.

Big thanks to Mike + company for visiting with us up in Lake Tahoe, The Hugo’s for showing us how fun Sonoma is, Wayne for meeting us in San Francisco, and Liana + Troy for letting us crash at your place. What outstanding friends we have. Life certainly is good.



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