My 6th Mother’s Day

Well, Mother’s Day has come and gone months ago…but I still want to write about it. Always so much to say with so little time to say it.

This year, like last year, I joined a few friends at Paradise Point for some spa, pool and adult only time. It was glorious, even though I love my children dearly.

You see, when your kids are this small I have found that opting out for my big day of the year is the best way to go. It’s a little tid bit I learned this from our Outdoor Parenting Classes that we’ve been attending since LL was a year old — they are how I made it through early motherhood. Not only did I learn how to care for my children, but they also covered how to take care of myself and my relationships; they were consistent, they were familiar, I felt like everyone there was in the same boat barely surviving, and the best part was finding the ladies that I’m still closest with today.One of those lovely ladies organizes this ah-mazing spa experience.

It was my 6th Mother’s Day and it felt just right. Mothering isn’t easy, it’s a transformation that rivals none I’ve experience before. No doubt, it’s incredible and so worth it (but man!) it has, also, given me: high blood pressure, bags under my eyes, plenty of wrinkles and so much stress…so, to the spa it is; for a day of celebrating motherhood.

Consider it, if you haven’t tried it before. I’m positive you won’t regret it.

Now to show you the positive and awesome side of being a mom. The kiddos and I did a photoshoot right before Mother’s Day. You know how experts say it’s easy to tell when the subject or the photographer love one another…well, LL took most of these. Cecito took the ones of LL and myself. I like to think that this is how the kids will always think of me.

And now for some of the spa day:

My heart was full (and still is).

2 thoughts on “My 6th Mother’s Day”

  1. Rachel Keller

    You look beautiful, Gwen! So true – for sure have to take care of ourselves in order to keep up with these little wild cats. Elsie looks so leggy – just like Ella. Harder to snuggle with those lanky girls. Love ya! Love your kiddos!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I adore you and your kiddos, too. You are so present and I really appreciate you reading and commenting. Big hugs!

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