Look Who’s Four!

On July 11, 2018 I wrote this, but didn’t get around uploading the photos I took in preparation for the post…eek! Here you go, b/c I can’t handle not clicking publish, so here it is:

Oh my goodness, I just searched for Cecito’s three year old post and there isn’t one! I knew I missed his 3.5 year old one, but I had no idea I missed a whole freaking year. Ack – I feel terrible! (poor second child) Well, here goes one for my brand new four year old.

He’s such an amazing little kid.

The amount that he loves his big sister is incredible, including how much he loves the rest of us. He feels big and makes no bones about letting you know every feeling he has. His face completely gives him away, even when he’s trying SO hard to hide it. But the snuggle and hugs – oh the HUGS and SNUGGLES! He’s the best little sugar maker.

His little temper gives him some troubles, but that is because he feels so big. And if you are lucky enough to make it into his inner circle he’s fiercely loyal, even as a newly turned pre-schooler he’s a fierce friend.

I can’t help but love him so much my heart hurts. Still his eyes and smile make me melt and if I’m not on my toes he can begin to get away with things he shouldn’t because all I want is to do is grab him with hugs and kisses.

He’s still really great at language. When his Dad tells him words in Spanish he can figure out how to pronounce them correctly really fast. Since he’s a second child with an older sister so close to his age he’s learning things faster and quicker than we have seen before.

I used to be worried that my late June boy may not be ready for kindergarten when the time came, but if he was allowed he would have gone last year with LL. Every day all he wanted to do was be at LL’s school. He would beg for us to save him breakfast if he had to be dropped off at his school first. He had to get a running club card to count all his laps before school started. He would insist on being a part of everything in her classroom.

When he finally gets to go to kindergarten (in another year) the kid is gonna be king. I’m sure of it.

Now onto some pictures. We took these the week before he turned 4. I had to negotiate because he’s really not into me taking photos of him. Booo! I got 5 minutes of no whining photoshoot time and he got a lollipop. I call that a win.

My cool little dude.
Sweetie pie.
I could eat this kid up!
Perfecting his pouty face.
That smile!
Wait Momma, I am going to pretend to sleep on the table.
Can’t keep it up, but guys, that tush in the air like a newborn!
Hurray for 4!
This says it all right there. My little tough (and super adorable) little man.