Yesterday was a new day for us. Well, kind of…

4am – Nurse Cecito, he falls asleep almost instantly, but can’t put him down for at least 30 minutes without fear that he will wake up minutes later

5am – Momma goes back to sleep.

5:30am – L.L. decided to make her morning appearance, but I was unaware. Daddy put her back to ‘bed’ on the couch with the hopes that she would fall back asleep.

6am – I wake to fine a little face inches from mine. Yes, just like you see in the movies. Willing you to wake up, so they can talk to you. By some magical force of nature I convinced her to hop in bed and play with my phone for another 30 minutes.

This is when the baby started stirring. So we headed to the kitchen, I scarfed down some leftover oatmeal and then nursed the babe.

8:45am – Time for a walk! With a little coaxing I get some regular clothes on L.L. and we were off. Of course, no outfit is complete these days without a tutu and a cape.

We made it about half way and L.L. wanted to turn around, so we did. I think Domingo was bummed, poor little dude.  After many negotiations of not walking in the grass, having to hold my hand to cross the street, having to hold onto the leash while walking the dog and whatever else we discussed, we were home.

9:30am – Outdoor play time anything I could think of to stay outside.

We played in Daddy’s Impala, got sidewalk chalk out, took out the toddler (little tykes) car, had some snacks in the driveway, nursed in the Aspen while L.L. played in the back and then the sun came out.

If you were wondering, I’m wearing the baby this whole time. I was lucky he wasn’t too upset to get in there with the plan I had for the morning. To say the least, I was thankful for that. However, when the sun came out just as I needed to nurse him it was too much. L.L. even asked to go inside because it was so hot.

11:30am – We went inside, dripping of sweat. Put on Sleeping Beauty and I made lunch. The babe slept for 20 minutes, just enough time to get L.L. to the table and start eating, myself. After about 3 attempts I though he was down. So I went back to my lunch and pumped. L.L. is fascinated with this and has some fun of her own with it. (That’s my next post.) During all of this I put the movie on again. I couldn’t take the whining and crying and no nap taking.

1:45pm – Yet another refused diaper change by L.L., after the movie ended for the second time, I mentally said, “That’s it!” Grabbed L.L. and put her in the baby’s crib. Forced the diaper change and left her there. Cecito was in our room wailing away, poor kid. Nursed him again and then went to check on L.L. She was sound asleep in almost the same position I left her in.

Kept trying to get the babe to nap without success. He psyched me out FOUR TIMES! In the carrier he went, again. After crying, grunting or wiggling around for over an hour he finally settled down to sleep. My back was aching and all I could do is stand and occasionally pace to keep him asleep.

3:40pm – Gil came home!I had help and felt a little less frazzled.

Here is the good part about all of this. For the first half of the day I felt really good and on top everything. I got L.L. out and about for the first time to play and didn’t have a screaming banshee in the carrier. AND there weren’t any full on temper tantrums from the toddler. So, things are definitely looking up, folks, lookin’ up!

If you were ever wondering what a day looks like when you spend it with a two year old and an infant…there you have it! Only, this time was better than most days we have had in the last two months. Actual outdoor playtime. YAY!

Don't mind me, I'm just walking the dog.
Don’t mind me, I’m just walking the dog.
Now, 'Ingo' you know you have to listen to me when we walk...
Now, ‘Ingo’ you know you have to listen to me when we walk…
Tired Cecito and Momma.
Tired Cecito and Momma.
Buttons, buttons, buttons!
Buttons, buttons, buttons!
WHO was that!?
WHO was that!?

p.s. today we didn’t play outside, nor did we get a walk in. I don’t feel guilty, as it was a much more relaxed morning. Dishes were washed and we did some good sleep, eat, wakeful playtime with Cecito. I felt we needed it since the little guy didn’t get to sleep for 10+ hours after the last nap I mentioned here.


One day at a time.

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