Look Who’s Two Months Old!

We made it! Our Cecito is 9 weeks old. As you can tell from the last post, things have been a little hectic around here. I thought I might have cardiac arrest during his surgery, but we all made it through. He’s a tough little guy.

So far the major milestones that I have been enjoying are these:
1. Staying awake for 20 minutes AND remaining happy.
2. Starting to sleep for longer stretches at night. If we are lucky we get 4-5 hours. If wishes come true that happens again, in the same night.
3. Watching my baby boy SMILE!

He holds his head up well and doesn’t hate tummy time. He’s cute as a button and still looks like his sister. Plus, he’s consistent. When I say consistent, I mean he still really enjoys using those vocal chords. Crying seems to be his favorite past time. We don’t know if this is connected to the eye stuff, and I would hate to think he was in a lot of pain, but geez…an end to all the long drawn out fits would be awesome.

I will keep you posted on that one.

Also, we decided to postpone his vaccines until next week. I thought that getting them 2 days before the child went under anesthesia was a bad idea. Luckily, the pediatrician agreed. So, next week we will go for the first visit and then the following week finish them up.

Now for stats and pictures! (the good stuff)

Length: 23″ (50%)  << THAT’S THE HIGHEST % NUMBER YET! (for both kiddos)
Weight: 10.14 oz. (17%)
Head Circumference: 40 cm (77%)

We’ve got another smart cookie on our hands! If you want to see L.L.’s 2 month post, here it is.


I'm ready, let's do this - let's do this!
I’m ready, let’s do this – let’s do this!
Whooooo - what up blog people!?
Whooooo – what up blog people!?
Ok, I'm over it. Are we done yet?
Ok, I’m over it. Are we done yet?
More little feet.
More little feet.
What's this next to me?
Who’s got the coolest onesie on the block?
Happy Little Boy
Happy Little Boy
Always shy.
Always shy.
Big sister bests!
Big sister besos!
Hi brudder, hold my hand?
Hi brudder, want to hold my hand?
Oh wait, what's going on over there?
Oh wait, what’s going on over there?
Baby wants in on the toddler yoga!
Baby wants in on the toddler yoga!