This is our new blog space – YAY! What do you think?

As you can tell there are a few changes I have made. Take a look around!

One new aspect is, I’ve added another “author” to the blog – my sweet husband. So far this blog has been a sort of pet project for me, even though it started out as a family blog for both of us. He said he had a post all set and ready to go months and months ago, but we haven’t seen it, have we? Maybe with this new login and the added pressure of this post, we will be seeing his writing sooner than later.

Plus, I’m thinking I will have a new post all set to go in the next day or so. Of course, I always think that and it takes another week. BUT I’ve been working on it and the new blog design for 3 weeks, so I have to be close, right? Hope so!

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