I’m Three Months Old!

Can you believe it? Our little princess is three whole months old! Doesn’t seem like it should be that long, and some days if feels like it’s been WAY longer. I’m sure all the parents out there reading this know exactly what I mean.

Our little sunshine is now…
9 lbs. 11 oz.
21 3/4 inches long
38.5 cm head circumference

Take in mind all of these numbers were taken by me, the Momma. Really it’s no different from what they do at the doctor’s office, tho.

L.L. is now smiling all the time. She can tell we are her parents (I think). Then there’s the batting at her toys, but only for short periods of time. All the while the magical mobile, that she used to completely adore, is starting to lose its luster. As the Momma, that stays home with her, these are pretty big discoveries that need replacements – PRONTO! Not that I have found them yet, but we are working on it. So far I find that she really loves to be outside, but even that won’t make an overtired baby happy.

As you can tell, we are all doing just fine. She’s growing and we love her bunches. Plus, isn’t she the most adorable 3 month old you have ever seen?

Since I’m sure you answered yes to that, here are some more pictures of the cuteness. I’m sure you will notice the onion next to her, this is to show her size in comparison to an everyday object. I didn’t have an apple on hand and kept saying I was going to buy one, but after a week of that I figured it was time to admit that wasn’t going to happen. So, here they are. Enjoy!

I love to chew on my fists!
Happy L.L.
Austin Powers, Anyone?
Can’t stand the Cuteness!!

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  1. I love seeing and reading all that is going on in your life. LL is a sweetheart!


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