Today: The Miracle Day

Today I went to the gym for the first time in YEARS! People, it’s been at least 5 years since I have done this and it felt incredible. While I was changing after my swim two ladies (a bit older than me) came in chatting up a storm. Their conversation went mostly like this:

Lady 1: “Do you swim? Do you know how to swim? Or are you slow?
Lady 2: “Yeah I swim.”
Lady 1: “I put my clothes in here. I’ll show you, it’s this locker…”
Lady 2: “Oh, you put them here. I’ll put mine next to this. Wait, who’s are those?”
Lady 1: “I don’t know.” (pause) “Aren’t those your jeans?”
Lady 2: “What? No they aren’t mine. Oh these? I guess they are mine.”

This went on for about 5 minutes.

Then they are ready to go swimming and head out the door. Only to stop short because there are many large bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion that say “FREE” on them next to the sink by the door. They discuss how this is unbelievable. Then, I see them quickly scooting around the corner back to the lockers to stash their find; arms completely full.

They are giddy! Apparently, today was a miracle day for only one of them; and now with this amazing find of “really great” products it is now a miracle day for both of them.

Lady 2 asked me if it was a miracle day for me as they headed back towards the door a second time and I just laughed and said, “no,” with a smile. Then, I thought to myself, if I can be that happy with a friend, at their age, every day might just feel like a miracle day.

Little did I know, I was about to discover I was about to have a miracle day of my own…

After the gym I went home to find a letter addressed to me from someone I didn’t know. Opened it up and was dumbfounded to see my drivers license with a nice note in it. Dude found it on the street and mailed it to me! Then, I went to pick up LL from school. When we got back I noticed my “lost” credit card under her foot as she was getting out of the car. Which was crazy, because I had searched that car, top to bottom a few days prior.

This is when I realized I had a miracle day on my hands, too!

You see I had been searching for my lost ID and credit card for about 5 days and was ready to give up. Yesterday I looked up how to get a duplicate license and Gil had put a hold on my card the day before. We were half a step from throwing in the towel.

To top it off, I was volunteering in LL’s kindergarten class this morning and ended up being there a little later than normal. In waltzes a school tour that the principal does for new/potential students and families (I haven’t seen one in action since we took our tour last year); and the only two neighbor families we have with little kids are in attendance. What are the odds that they have the same tour, the same day I’m there late, and end up seeing LL’s kinder room?

Good things are happening in 2018, friends.

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