The New Baby Office

We have several needs that our second bedroom needs to accommodate; an office and place for baby to sleep. I know that there will come a time when she needs her own space, but for now we are maximizing our square footage. Hey, it’s California living and what ya gotta do, yo!

At first we worked pretty hard to make it the perfect office for me, since I work from home. Now we have made it a wonderful spot for two.

Here is an idea of what it looked like as my office:

My Desk with Organization Shelves
Opposite Side with CD's and Chair

Of course we had many other personal items that came in afterwards, but these are all the pictures I could find after we put in the bamboo floors and got all the new office furniture. I was in heaven and loved my grown up space.

When we were becoming three it was apparent that my grown up space was going to be a little smaller. I don’t mind one bit, really didn’t need all that…well, maybe the closet space was nice.

Somewhere along the pregnancy my husband came up with the idea of doing stripes on the wall. I thought it was a great idea, but not too sure how we would pull it off. Aren’t stripes supposed to be difficult? Especially the ones he wanted to do, horizontal. He was sure he wanted to do it (and I thought it was a great idea), so once we decided on the colors it was settled. During the painting he did confess he wished he hadn’t been so ambitious.However, now it looks so AMAZING! He did such a wonderful job and we both love it.

One color on the wall with tape for the rest of the first round of colors.
All the colors on the wall!

Then, we moved onto the furniture and accessories. We haven’t finished everything that we wanted to do with decorating, but decided that we didn’t really need the shelves just to prop up pictures and nicknacks. Those can come at a later date. What we did decide on was to use some of the paper lanterns from our wedding and bells from my childhood. One of them became a light and the other two decoration with the bells. I am in love with them and so happy to have that little piece of my past for our daughter.

Bell Lantern One
Bell Lantern Two (next to to lighted lantern)

Next we have the furniture, which we had initially wanted to be all white. We bought the crib from a neighbor and it is perfect! I decided to weave green tulle (that we didn’t use for the wedding) on the bottom to cover up the drawer and below the mattress. We have some pillows for decoration from our living room and then toys that we acquired at the shower. Aren’t they cute!?

Perfect for Our Little Angel
Pillows and Toys
Decked Out Crib With Lanterns
Perfect for a Curtain Tieback (from our diaper cake)

We also have the chest of drawers, which is a piece we had in our garage. You see, when I was a kid my parents thought it was a good idea to get us a nice set of bedroom furniture. We got to pick it out and it was ours keep it once we moved out. I have to say it’s been everywhere with me: Louisville when I was a kid, my parents house outside of Philadelphia, two apartments in Philadelphia right after college, three apartments in San Diego, and now with my husband in our home. I have to agree with my folks, that it was a superb idea – thanks Mom & Dad! It isn’t white and it’s the taste of a 14 year old me, but who cares, I still love it. The sentimental value along with the cost savings outweighs matching white furniture, in my book. Don’t you think?

My Chest of Drawers
Both Pieces of Furniture
All Together with Door Open


That’s that! What do you think?

14 thoughts on “The New Baby Office”

  1. Wow! The room looks beautiful and so creative. Gil you can come and paint my house anytime and pick the room. 🙂 The room looks bigger to and Domingo can get outside. Great room! xoxo Granny

  2. Love your color combination. Also big fan of making do with old and very good furniture.
    Saving money, great. You’ll need all the money you can get later for education expenses.
    I was hoping your baby would be born on the l7th. (Nathan’s birthday.)
    Lots of love and good wishes, Aunt Paula

    1. THANK YOU! We love it, too, and have been very fortunate with our choices and no driving back to the store for a different hue or saturation. 🙂
      Still waiting on the little bundle, I’m guessing she’s determined not to share a birthday. I have about 4 other friends that just had birthday’s pass by in the last week. xo

  3. Emily Guillory

    I love this so much!! It looks awesome and we are so excited for you guys. Thanks so much for keeping us all posted. You look fantastic and so does her room. 🙂

  4. Can’t wait to see a pretty little face looking out!! Love the colors and you and Gil are so creative!!

  5. One small step for…I have found the comment button and used it. Huzzah!. Triple excited for you all, and committed to commit crime. For Gwen only, I was listening to; “My Kind of Solider” by GBV while posting this.

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