38 Weeks!

Here we are, another week behind us. I must say that after my doctor appointment last week I was pretty darn excited to share the news and get the show on the road. Now, I am past the shocked, scarred and excited feelings and ready to produce a little bundle of love and fun.

This week my doctor said I am dilated 2cm, 70% effacement with the head engaged and ready. The difference from last week is the 70% and actual numbers for dilation…so I got the same news as last week: could be anytime this week. Which means momma-to-be is less excited, but daddy-to-be is overjoyed to have the weekend to clean and organize. Isn’t he good? I landed what they call, “a keeper.”

Me, 38 Weeks Pregnant!

3 thoughts on “38 Weeks!”

  1. I kept checking to see if there were baby shots up over the week. You definitely have a keeper there! What a fabulous daddy-to-be! (And not a shabby mommy-to-be, either!)

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