January 19, 2021
by gwendolyn
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Christmas, 2020

This year Christmas looked different for us, just like it did most of the world. We didn’t plan on much other than the regular stuff: presents, food with R&R. It ended up being a really wonderful day and I enjoyed … Continue reading

Let it Rain, Candy!

March 8, 2012 by gwendolyn

The hostess made this sweetness.

This past weekend, the loveliest of my lovely friends threw me an amazing baby shower!

It all started with sweet sugary pink goodness and blossomed into a book collection fit for a candy queen and her princess. Among some of my favorite things about this shower was this creative idea; my friend asked all the guests to include a book  of their choice in lieu of a card. It’s got to be one of the best ideas and I urge you to do it for any baby shower you host or suggest it to anyone who might be having a shower. The array of books we received is the most thoughtful and creative I could have imagined.

I had a great time seeing all my friends and felt incredibly loved throughout the entire event. One friend flew out from Pittsburgh, another drive two hours, and the hostess come from 1.5 hours away! Talk about good ‘uns, those are the best! Not to mention all the goods we were given – the loot, ahhh, the LOOT is out of this world!

The whole event went by incredibly too fast for me. I wanted to be able to visit with all my friends for hours more! In my book, that’s a good sign of a successful event. It really was perfect and I had a fantastic time.

I am grateful to my friends who were able to make it and all of those that weren’t, but still managed to surprise me with their generosity. I’m a lucky girl and hope that all the other mom’s-to-be out there get to feel this kind of love.

Yummy sandwiches, we were hungry and already dove in before the shot was taken!

Candy Land Theme - the BEST!
















Flowers from the same girl that did our wedding flowers. She's a talent to be reckoned with.

Candy straws for the pink lemonade!













Candy Queen Hat!

A perfect gift - Silly Sing-a-long's with one of my favorites!












You can almost see all my ladies in this one - they are some of the best people EVER!










The loot! I told ya it was amazing.









Decoration that is also for the Christmas Tree!

Another one for the tree - can't wait to hang these!













Perfect Candy Decorations

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Our Christmas!

December 28, 2011 by gwendolyn

Our Tree and Christmas Card Mantel

So, we started off the Christmas weekend right by watching The Sound of Music! Isn’t that how everyone wants to kick off their holiday? It was a relaxing night by the fire enjoying our little family and Christmas decorations.

Me & D

Our Tree

The next morning we had the most relaxing and fun Christmas morning! We were up making breakfast about 8 a.m. gearing up to open all of our presents. I could barely stand it and wanted to dig in, but my stomach won over and we made sure to get our breakfast in the oven before we dove in. Here are some pics to show all the fun we had. Domingo even joined in on the fun! He seemed to really love it, too. And he even got his own present that he was thrilled with!

Christmas Morning!

Just wouldn’t be the same without a fire, so we lit one up!

Family Picture

This is as good as it gets when you are doing a timed picture with a pet. Our little family.

Opening Gifts

Auntie baby presents

Auntie couldn't help herself.

Domingo wants in on the fun!


D got his own present to open - he tried!

He was VERY interested.

Patiently waiting…

Play time!

We got this "bull by the horns"!

This is MY present!

It's playtime, right?

Me - me - don't forget me!

To-Go Cup!

Wilco Album!

My surprise gift from the hubs!

A Diana Lens!

D's still into the gift opening.


Opening my sewing machine!

I love it!

Much needed air purifier.

Don't I look good in red?

I love playing with my Dad!

Momma loves me.

After a long, hard morning of opening the most amazing gifts we decided a jaunt to the beach was in order. I mean, it was above 70 degrees on Christmas Day! We had a wonderful time, too. It was a little chilly with the breeze, but Domingo got to run with the hubs on the beach and he was in heaven. All in all, a most successful day!

Running at dog beach!

We are lovin' it!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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