Christmas, 2020

This year Christmas looked different for us, just like it did most of the world. We didn’t plan on much other than the regular stuff: presents, food with R&R. It ended up being a really wonderful day and I enjoyed the slow pace of it all. Gil and I woke up before the kids. It […]

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Christmas, 2015

Okie dokie! Our Christmas wasn’t very eventful but I got great pictures, so I figured those are worth a post. We woke up with Cecito and had to wait for LL about 20 minutes. She’s started sleeping later these days, and by later I mean 7am. We opened gifts and got a little surprise. Cecito

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New Toys!

When you’re one a lot of the fun is getting new toys. Or at least, that’s what the parents think. However, when there’s an older sibling involved it doesn’t always go exactly how you planned it. Like every other one year old he had no idea how to open gifts, so his big sister and

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Our Christmas!

So, we started off the Christmas weekend right by watching The Sound of Music! Isn’t that how everyone wants to kick off their holiday? It was a relaxing night by the fire enjoying our little family and Christmas decorations. The next morning we had the most relaxing and fun Christmas morning! We were up making breakfast

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