Oceanside Birthday Weekend

The weekend before my birthday I planned a fun little weekend in Oceanside to celebrate. As you all know, I am a big birthday person; I love celebrating and think that celebrating big or little or for a week or a whole month is totally your call and acceptable.

I most definitely have a love of celebrating my birthday (to the max), along with a side note of dislike for planning it. I think what I really want is some kind of surprise, but my love of celebrating makes that very hard for people to feel like they can live up to. Which brings me to the realization that a ladies weekend is a great way to plan something that is manageable, plus I love them!

Typically, inviting a larger group for dinner in San Diego is a part of the celebrations, but this year I couldn’t get it done. That part is a bummer, but I did have a wonderful time in Oceanside.

It’s less than an hour away and none of us had spent much time there, if any at all. So it was great fun to explore, check out new places and eat delicious food. Plus, Oceanside is a beach area and was the alternate area Gil and I considered for our wedding!

We rented a cute condo with a loft master suite, two large balconies and a kitchen. I made meatballs and sauce from scratch, brought food for breakfast and asked everyone to bring snacks and alcohol. We had more food and drink than we could ever take down, it was glorious!

Plus, we got to stay up late (if we wanted to) and sleep in (if our bodies and minds would let us), which was even better! We also relaxed with a lot of sitting and chatting. I brought books to read, journals to write in and a planner to get my year in gear ā€” but what I ended up doing was conversing and it was blissful.

The theme of the weekend ended up being about connection and fun. It was just what I hoped for: I am a lucky lady.

In closing, I wanted to say thank you to all the ladies who spent their weekend celebrating with me. I am ever grateful and happy. You all made me feel loved and special in a way that only a birthday can bring. Thank you for making my heart shine brighter.

Dinner at Bagby’s
My lovely ladies of Friday Night.
Drinks at Pacific Coast Spirits
View from our condo.
Biggest treat of the weekend: best rated sushi in the San Diego area.
Dinner at Wrench and Rodent
More of my lovely ladies for Saturday Night.
Birthday Weekend Sunset from O’side.
Homemade Chocolate Lava Cakes to sing happy birthday. Made me feel very special and loved. Thanks An, it was delicious and very thoughtful!

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    1. Thanks Shaira, it was a great time. Thanks for the comment, I love hearing from you. Big hugs to you!
      p.s. be careful with that other side of the road thing, over there šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much, Gretchen! Iā€™m so happy you read my post. You are right support from great friends is for sure a blessing. Big hugs right back! ????????

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