More Birthday 2020

Of course you didn’t think that the only thing I did to celebrate my birthday was go to Oceanside. Ha! I had a pretty cool week where I got phone calls, texts, presents and lots of food and drink.

If you didn’t know, this year I turned 44. While I realize what all of that entails I still don’t feel like I should be mid-40’s, or middle aged, or whatever else comes to mind. It’s just a number, I do know that, but since turning 40 it seems to be a thing and I really wish I could stop thinking about it.

More and more I’m noticing my physical age and it kinda drives me nuts, but what am I gonna do about it? In all honestly I don’t even consider things like botox. Even though I have had it come up in friend circles a few times and they claim it’s so worth it. I just can’t bring myself to consider it, so I figure I’ve begun to settle into getting a little bit older, gracefully. Now I need to manage all the inner dialogue and thoughts that creep in when I’m not paying attention, I figure it’s a work in progress. I can’t be the only one who feels like this, right

Well, anyway, after Oceanside my actual birthday happened on a Wednesday. That day we had food delivered to our home for dinner, and Gil brought home a cute cake from our local Mexican grocery store, Pancho Villa. Everything was ‘super yum’ (and just the right size so we didn’t have to eat it for 5 days straight), I was thankful I didn’t need to cook or clean up. My sweet family sang “Happy Birthday” and I felt appreciated and loved. It was a relaxing evening, exactly what a mom of little ones is looking for on a Wednesday night.

The next night I hosted my monthly ladies hangout that happens every 4th Thursday of the month and it was a BLAST! We ventured to Ocean Beach to enjoy dinner at OB Surf Lodge and a cover band at The Holding Company – it was like I was 23 again and I had SO MUCH FUN! Plus, I enjoyed my first birthday cake shot, which I quickly found out tastes just as delicious as vanilla cake and has been around for many years, only I don’t typically do shots anymore, so I just found out about it in 2020. Go figure and GO ME!

There were a few other meet ups with friends: The Kensington Club and Clem’s Tap House in Kensington, Riki Sushi in North Park, The Rose in South Park. All were low key and were just the right thing for catching up with great friends. The theme of fun and connection was flowing all the way through this years celebrations. Which might be why I didn’t take many photos. I’m missing shots of so many people who made it out to hang with me, just know it was all very special even without being able to share photos.

Since this is my final birthday before we relocate I really wanted it to feel worthwhile and it was. Every time I met up with a friend I felt this wonderful sense of purpose and appreciation. It was fulfilling and a great achievement for me to feel content at such a highly anticipated time of year. Maybe I really am growing up…but still not enough to be middle aged, mind you.