My Not So Happy Valentine

This year, it was my turn to make dinner. I had it all planned out; simple, yet extravagant (for us). It was going great, I had chosen to make fancy grilled cheese. You know so we didn’t have waste and didn’t double our grocery bill. The night before I prepared the pulled pork. After lunch I made the gouda mac-n-cheese. All that was left was to assemble, cook and steam the brussels sprouts. Easy.

Gil volunteered for dessert, since I made it last year. He went out on a limb with a brownie recipe that only had two ingredients. If you were wondering, they didn’t come out as expected. Poor guy, but he saved our sweet tooth cravings with cheesecake. Not just any cheesecake, slices from the same place that made our wedding ‘cheese cake cups’. Yay – fun!

We sat down to eat and it was amazing. The adults loved the food, L.L. ate brussels sprouts like they were candy and the baby took down sweet potatoes with oatmeal. We opened a bottle of red, since we were celebrating, and it seemed Valentine’s Day was ours, finally.

Then, bedtime for the baby (he goes down 6:30/7p.m.). I emerged from the kid’s room for Daddy to announce he was getting worse and felt really terrible. You see, L.L. had been sick for a few days, but we thought she was getting over it. Her mood was better, no more crying out in the middle of the night because her nose hurt and she was finally drinking the fluids she needed. So after putting her to bed Daddy took off to the drug store for sinus medicine. It had been building all day.

You would think that was the end of the night, but no…oh no, couldn’t be the end for our household. After that, L.L. went to the bathroom 4 times and it wasn’t pretty. Poor thing didn’t know what hit her. While Daddy’s sinus pressure kept building and he started to feel cold…awesome. He went to bed early barely touching his wine. We didn’t even discuss the cheesecake. I made up the couch for me to sleep on and then the night time saga began.

Cecito woke up about every 10-30 minutes from 8:30p.m. to 11ish. Then around 11:30p.m. Gil’s standing above me in a towel, holding L.L., also in a towel. Both of them wet. He sincerely apologized, then informed me I needed to take L.L. because she vomited all over the bed. They just took a shower to wash her vomit filled hair.


So, we cuddled for a bit assessing how she felt. It was really sad and scary because she got sick while she was asleep on her back, so it was all in her mouth and he heard her making vomit noises and had to quickly turn her over to get it out. She was scared and Daddy was freaked out. Unlucky Daddy had to disassemble the bed and get it to the washer. Then, make one on the living room floor for her. I made sure I had everything she needed out there and we all went back to bed.

I have no idea what time that was, but I was finally woken up, for good at 5:15a.m. During that time I was woken up from…

* L.L. coughing and refusing water
* L.L. coughing and finally accepting water (her poor throat sounded like sandpaper as she swallowed)
* Domingo trying to get back in from the kid’s room (I was too tired to put it together)
* Domingo pawing at the door again, because I was too dumb to let him in the first time
* Cecito wanting to nurse TWO times
* Cecito doing random wake up…I lost count…
* Daddy getting up for warm compress
* Daddy changing over the laundry

To say the least, I was tired. But not as tired as Daddy and L.L. They slept most of the day away. Now, it’s 8p.m., the next day. I’m finishing the wine while writing this and everyone else is in bed.

Good news: Cecito’s top teeth started to poke through. This morning you could see the white of both and a corner of one. Maybe his sleep will improve!

Bad news: My nose is started to feel a bit stuffed and I’m sneezing – a lot. Boo!

Bummer news: The flowers Gil had delivered me were wrong and the rose sprays had droopy heads this morning (the next morning).

I shake my fist at you, Valentine’s Day.

Since I hate to end on a negative note, here are some pics. This was all before the beginning of the end happened. Our happy little family.

My masterpiece.
My masterpiece.
Mmmmmm...good eats!
Mmmmmm…good eats!
The kiddos!
The kiddos!
Happy Brother and Sister. Today she said she was happy she had a brother!!
Happy Brother and Sister. Today she said she was happy she had a brother!!
I love getting pretty flowers.
I love getting pretty flowers.


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  1. Feel better Gwen. Thinking of you…when you feel better we have to get you a hall pass out for fun. Love Layvanh

    1. Thanks, Layvanh! We are still battling it out. I’ll keep you posted so we can get together. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

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