Momma’s Day Pictures

It just so happens that a friend of mine is a pretty awesome photographer, so when she invited me along with her to do DIY Momma’s Day photos I jumped at it. She had been wanting to take her little to this store called, Pigment, in our neighborhood. It’s a super bomb store and they are dialed in to have two areas outside that are prime for selfies and pictures made perfectly for Instagram posting.

To say the least I was ecstatic at the idea of having someone else take photos of me with the kiddos. It was a shower day for me (yay!) and I even took the time to put make on! Since it was last-minute so we threw on whatever was easiest and made it happen. Cecito didn’t seem to love it, but he did well. LL seemed to really enjoy it.

The best part was hanging out with Nikki and her little. She’s been a friend for over 10 years, and I met her here in California, at work. I even like to say I hired her, but really our creative director did, I just interviewed and gave the thumbs up. She’s an inspiration from a work perspective, friend life and momma world. So, a big thank you to her for starting off my mother’s day weekend with a bang!

Here are the fruits of labor to enjoy!

Going for a ride…
Where’s Momma?
Almost got us all smiling!
Kisses and smiles.
Who wants ice cream?
Miss Nikki!
She loves making funny faces for pictures now.
There’s that dazzler.
He wanted one with just us. (heart explosion)
Making friends is so much fun!
Let’s do another one, Momma!
I want to do that again!

She could have done this ALL day, but I had to stop her. There was only a little pouting.


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  1. Rachel Keller

    These are awesome – love the ones on the bike!
    Happy Mother’s Day, Gwen!

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