Lions and Tigers and Alligators – Oh My! (Part Two)

Ok, ok, ok! How many of you actually believed me when I said the follow up post for this one was going to be the very next day? (I must admit, I totally thought I would follow through on it.) Ack!

Sorry I was unable to come through, but it’s here now! We will start off with costume pictures. Here they are:

Momma + L.L. with animal ears. We had to join in with all the doggies that got to have fun costumes!
Dad trying to play it cool, L.L. knows better.

Next we have our friend’s annual Dia de los Muertos party. We always enjoy ourselves at this party and look forward to it every year! Usually the hubs and I will work a little bit harder at clever couple costumes. This year we missed the mark (a bit), but L.L. still looked adorable as a Lion, and I went as a Tiger, Daddy was supposed to be a Monkey, but the only part of his costume that made an appearance was the tail – I’m thinking that means he really didn’t participate. Better luck next year!

View of San Diego from Mt. Helix


Baby Lion
Daddy (almost a Monkey) with Baby Lion
The hood only lasts for so long – such sweetness in this pic, tho.
Family friends with L.L.
Lions & Tigers … get the title now?

Joe Dirt, our Host!

And now for the big one – PUMPKIN CARVING! If you know me, then you know that over the last few years I have really gotten into carving pumpkins. I thoroughly enjoyed carving mine this year. The night before Halloween I sat down with my pumpkin while baking cupcakes for the next day (at the office) and got to work. I was surprisingly relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. With thoroughly enjoying it I have also been winning carving contests, but not this year! I’m not even sure I placed at all, but had a great time either way. Plus, I had yummy cupcakes afterward. Not much to complain about then.

The beginning: an idea, a cool pumpkin, and tools.
This year I decided to cut it from the bottom.
The design was a bit small for my pumpkin, so I took pencil to paper and enlarged it myself.
This time it was easier to score with a little tool. Last year I used a push pin and my fingers really hurt from it.
Pumpkin pieces and a carving in the light.
oooohhhh hahahah – I LOVE IT!
I mean really, how did this one not win!?!?

Can you tell I really wanted to win? Haha, I’m still convinced that it had less of an impact b/c all the pumpkins were in a break room with full light. If I did another work contest I would just paint one, I think. It seems as though they are easier to see the designs that way.

So, that was our haunted holiday. We had lots of fun and are still eating chocolate sweets, which means smiles all around!