I’m 7 Months Old!

Last week L.L. turned 7 months old. The months are flying by and she is getting cuter and cuter by the minute. She is also getting to be more and more of a handful!

Besides crawling last month she also decided that she was going to pull herself up. It all happened so fast! It’s a lot of fun to watch her zoom around and explore, but also a teeny bit nerve racking when she loses her grip and her head falls flat to the hardwood floor. She doesn’t really like that much either.

In other news, we ended up at the doctor. To our dismay the pediatrician thinks that L.L. has allergies. He says the distinction from a cold to allergies is sneezing, and they will appear anytime at six month –  and our little bunches of sunshine sneezes a lot – perfect. (I found out that a lot to our pediatrician means more than once a day. There are times when L.L. will sneeze multiple times in a row.) So we had to start her on allergy medicine on top of the relux medicine that we keep trying to get her off of. At this point she is so good at swatting you away when you go in with the medicine that you must keep a strong grip on it or it will go flying! We started off with Benadryl (for kids) and then moved onto Claritin (for kids), it’s a bit easier since it’s a 24 hour dose and doesn’t make her so extra fussy.

THEN, to make our lives even more fun, we had to go to the doctor yet again, last week. On the 4th I had to pick up L.L. early from daycare because she had a 102 degree temperature. Thankfully, when I got her home it was around 99 degrees. So it seemed things weren’t as bad as they had appeared, then it went back up in the morning. Luckily, we had an appointment set up to get the second half of her flu shot. Unluckily, we had to wait for 1.5 hours for the next open sick visit and skip the shot when we got there. In the end we left with a script for antibiotics because of an ear infection – AN EAR INFECTION! Can you believe it?

Now we have to give her two doses of antibiotics on top of the allergy medicine on top of the reflux medicine – ahhh! At this point we have taken to holding her down to get the medicine in her, it sucks. But it’s the only way after all the swatting and how good she has gotten at not swallowing and having it roll down her chin. It’s awesome when that happens and you have no idea how much she actually got and can’t give her anymore. (Can you hear the eyes rolling in my head?)

Ok, enough about that. Stats, we are moving on up! Here they are:

Weight: 13 lbs and 8 oz
Height: 25 inches (this is an at home measure)
Head Circumference: 43 centimeters (another at home measure)

Now onto the fun stuff, pictures!! We have some fun ones for you this time. In light of the season we changed up the prop so you can tell her size. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. I loved taking them and it’s a safe bet to say L.L. had a good time, too! Enjoy.

Oh fun – picture time!
Dance, dance, dance…
Oh hello!
I just love picture time.
What was that?
Oh Daddy – there you are!
Happy Baby!
Here comes the most fun prop!!
Daddy, you so funny!
Wait, what’s this thing?
It looks so good I could EAT it!
I think you’re pulling my leg – you sure it’s gonna taste good?
Ok ok I’ll try it!
I think I love it.
What do you call this thing?
I love football!
Nom nom nom – can’t get enough of football!
Ok, that’s enough – I’m done.

5 thoughts on “I’m 7 Months Old!”

  1. love, love, love seeing pictures of her, gwen! can’t believe she is not much bigger than that football. but glad she is (mostly) healthy & happy! sorry to hear about all the meds, hopefully that won’t last forever. xoxo

    1. Awww, thanks Micki! She’s our little peanut. 🙂
      She is doing well, considering. I’m hoping they won’t last much longer either. xx

  2. Sorry to hear about the earache and new-found allergies – it sounds rough having to give her meds. On a lighter note, LL with that new prop is great – what a beauty she is!!

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