Lions and Tigers and Alligators – Oh My! (Part One)

Halloween has come and gone in a blur of costumes, dog parades with lot-n-lots of sugar!

First we went to the Canine Carnival in Ocean Beach, where Domingo dressed up as an alligator. He was the absolute best! I never thought I would get him into a costume, since my husband doesn’t believe in dressing up dogs, but I did!! All thanks to a friend who offered up the costume and you know I couldn’t say no. He won ‘Most Ferocious’ in the parade, which is hilarious, considering he’s only 14 lbs. There were around 85 contestants, so it was a LONG day. We didn’t mind, tho, because Domingo doesn’t get days just for him anymore.

Definitely, Most Ferocious!
Really, he’s a sweetheart.
Sometimes you just gotta go…
sneaky alligator…wait, is that a dog!?
Run Allí-dog Run!
Wild and Free Alli-Dog!


While we were there L.L. got her first experience with grass. She wasn’t quite sure about it either. Take a look:

Come here doggie!
I wanna touch it.
Well, maybe I don’t.
Daddy, help!! I don’t like it.
Whew, just made it! Feet are ok, just no hands.
Safe and happy.

Now onto more four legged costumes! These were in the parade for the costume contest. These are just a few of the gems that were there. As you will be able to tell, some of the owners were more dressed up than the pups!

Amelia Dogheart
Sweet Bailey the Bumblebee
Monkey and Banana
How many MinPins can one man own!?
Secret Service Anyone?
This was our favorite – home crafted doggie costume!
This little one barely woke up for the parade.
Rock-n-Roll Pup
OB Hippie/Grateful Dead Dog
Pink Horse, err I mean, Dog!
Owner makes me wear what!?
Bark Obama – the kid in front of me was upset that they took her idea, she was the one with the rock-n-roll dog. ha!


Can you believe all of that? It was a sight to behold, and I highly recommend this event to anyone who likes pooches! We had a great time, even though we were all beat when we got home. Even Domingo went straight to bed.

Ok, that’s all for now. There will be a follow up post to go with this one tomorrow! There will be more costumes for people and babies, a Dia de los Muertos party and pumpkin carving. Woo-hoo.