A Flurry of Poppi + Grammy

During L.L.’s half birthday we had a visit from Poppi and Grammy, they are my husband’s father and step-mother. We love them so and were very excited to have them visit us for a second time (since L.L. was born). They always bring smiles, good times and lots of laughs!

Since our wedding they have been staying in OB, nothing like reliving the wonderful memories of THAT one! However, this time they decided to head back to PB. The place they stayed the first time they came to visit it us. Back when the husband and I were just dating. Feels like a lifetime ago.

They also brought some friends; Grammy’s best friend and her husband came along for the ride. They were a hoot! I think the most memorable part of the visit was Grammy’s friend continuously wanting to feed L.L. a french fry. I was unaware of how much you can talk about french fries! It makes me smile

We all had a great time and got some fabulous pictures of the family. We can’t wait until our next visit and hope it’s very soon!

Domingo just loves baby feet!
Domingo getting some neighbor love.
Baby Girl!
Daddy! You are SO funny!
Our Little Darling
Pretty Eyes
I’m poised for ballerina land!
I dare you to say I’m not the cutest baby!
Showing off my crawling skillz.
Cute Baby Award!
Feet Clappin’ with Daddy.
What? Are you leaving me here on this bed?
L.L. and Poppi and Grammy and Daddy
I got my eye on you.
It’s playtime!
Upside down baby!
PB Pier with new Diana Lens
Poppi and L.L.
Grammy and Poppi with L.L.
And one with the bearded dude – everyone lean to the left.
I guess the bearded guy can have the baby…must be why L.L. decided to spit in this one.
Three Generations!
and then there came a Momma
Momma and Baby with the In-Laws!
carefree thumb suckin’
Is that really the ocean!?

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