Falling Softly…I Wish

On Christmas Day I must have been really excited about going to our friend’s dinner party. I say this because I had my first pregnant fall in the shower. Now, before you get too worried, I am fine. I have some bumps and bruises, but that’s it.

For all of these weeks I have been incredibly careful. Standing up slowly, being extra sensitive to my body’s reactions at yoga, sitting down or stopping if I ever get winded (which is pretty darn easy these days). All in all, I have been paying more attention to my physical activity and my limitations. However, for some reason I lost my head a few days ago.

Here’s what happened:

I put the bath mat on the tub floor, turned on the water and waited for the hot water to come. When it was toasty warm, I stepped in and lost my balance as I was putting my second foot in the tub, which caused my first one to slide down to the left towards the drain and drag the bath mat with it. Luckily my knee hit the other side just about the same time my bum hit the outside wall of the tub and I landed on the inside shower curtain to stop me from sliding anymore. Both my arms were spread out trying to make a difference, but they didn’t help any and I think my eye balls were hovering outside of their sockets in shock.

So, what is the step that I missed? Making sure the bath mat suction cups were actually affixed to the slippery tub!! Such a little thing, with such a huge reaction. Now I have a bruised bum and knee, but I’m lucky that is all.

Lesson here, you can never be too careful. All you pregnant ladies out there take care of yourself and make sure you keep you head on straight. It’s easy to forget for just a second how much your equilibrium is off and you don’t want to pay the price in bruises. Plus, it was the most stressful shower I have ever had. The next day I couldn’t wait to take another one, just to feel the relaxation of the warm water.

3 thoughts on “Falling Softly…I Wish”

  1. Leigh Hornbeck Trombley

    I fell in the tub when I was pregnant with Rushton and several other times as I got really big. It’s a center of balance thing. This time I’m vowing to wear heels less often…even though I love my shoes!

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