Tower of The Americas

The first time we ventured out in our new city it was July 4th. We were all very excited, but it still felt strange, as everything has been during the pandemic. COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down. While we are abiding by the rules, we are also slowly getting out to adventure in this vast new city of ours.

We are living downtown in an area called Lavaca; it’s urban, seems super hip and our apartment building is right across the street from the iconic Tower of The Americas. You can see it driving around the downtown area and most places we walk or bike to; since we live right next to it, we use it as a landmark to get around town. At first, it reminded me of Seattle’s Space Needle, but since living this close it ties back to my memories of the Twin Towers when they were standing tall in Manhattan.

There is a sense of pride in Texas history, I’ve heard about it my whole life (as I would think most people have). While I was reading the history boards displayed at the observations level of the tower I got a little taste of why that pride is so long-lasting. Reading those was something that I found to be enlightening and it brightened my mood on our relocation. So, just in that, it was a successful day.

We all really enjoyed getting out, too.

2 thoughts on “Tower of The Americas”

  1. Beautiful pictures Glad you are getting settled in. Do think you will find a home before the year is out ?

    1. Thank you! We are still hopeful on the home timeline being at the end of the year, beginning of next. Our most recent hiccup was Gil’s company folding. He’s been job hunting for the last two months while working with a friend. It seems like there is always something coming up that alters our original plan. Thanks for the comment!

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