I’m Four Years Old!

IMG_1991How to sum up our little darling…she is everything.

She’s an Aries, so the fact that she is a bit of a stubborn ram doesn’t come as a surprise. She is caring and wants to take care of everyone, especially her little brother or any friend that is smaller than her. She is a tom boy who loves to ruff house with anyone who will take it. She is silly with a great sense of humor; if she hears something she doesn’t expect she usually says, “Aww, your’e just kidding!” She is a princess who loves dresses. She enjoys  entering a room of her pretend subjects, so she can bow and then dance with whomever is waiting for her at the end of the hall. She is a born athlete (we think) and can dance better than we can (totally sure of).

She’s a pixie with long limbs (surely, she gets that from me) who enjoys everything sparkly and can’t wait to jump on and off of everything around her. She still wants us around, almost all the time, and that’s a good feeling. She can throw a stink eye that will offend the sweetest grandma and a smile that will melt even the Grinch’s heart. Our Little Love sure does live up to her nickname. Which, by the way, she really enjoys us calling her.

Above all, she wants to feel special. It’s hard with an almost two year old around and you are the big sister (but still not really big, yet). I continue to love ‘big’ and ‘little’ hugs from her and will ask for kisses just to get one on every surface of my face. It’s freaking fantastic!

She is also a rule enforcer who tries to test those rules, constantly. Her adoration for her brother starts the second she wakes up in the morning but gets derailed quite easily in the heat of a battle. At that point, all bets are off and either one can prevail; and man, does she put up a good showing.

These days she talks a lot about going to a new school. She really can’t wait to learn more and is showing an aptitude for memorization (certainly doesn’t get from me). It’s quite astounding. She’s also really, really, really, REALLY into her friends. They are very important to her, and by the way…everyone is HER friend.

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  1. Bev Hoffmeyer

    the poem .. “If wishes were horses,…”. well, since I can’t be there to watch them growing up, at least I can see them through your words

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