I’m 9 Months Old!

It’s been nine whole months since L.L. entered our lives. It never ceases to amaze me how fast time goes by and how important that time now seems to be. My heart fills with joy every time I see her smile and I can’t help but feel like life is extra special each time she laughs. Being a parent is definitely something I would never want to miss out on.

Since we last discussed the little peanut she was having all kinds of typical baby health issues. Well, I am happy to report that she is over ALL of them. We now have a happy & perfectly healthy  (rarely-nap-taking) baby girl on our hands. She’s still a joy, even though she seems to be over the nap thing. I think she might have the ‘I don’t want to miss out on anything’ gene that her Momma has. Which means she will stay awake as long as she can and probably fall face first in her food during dinner (a story my own mother loves to tell about me). It really is indicative to how I have been the rest of my life. They do say you end up with a kid that is just like you, all in the good humor of your own parents being able to watch you deal with yourself (at whatever age that may be). Ahhh, parenthood.

Our 9 month well visit was yesterday and it was wonderful! Even the doctor said how great she is doing and that the visit couldn’t have gone better. Two healthy ears, no more horrendous diaper rash; while continuing to trend on the petite side with weight and height (we still have our living doll), and a big brain (I’m sure you can all imagine what we like to say about that).

Here are her stats:
Weight: 14 lbs & 6 oz (2%)
Length: 26 inches (4%)
Head Circumference: 43.5 cm (39% – see, big brain!)

Now onto the fun pictures. I didn’t find anything new to show her size, but you will see her with the spoon from months ago and standing with her Dad in the kitchen. Enjoy!

Oh, this again?
Wait a minute! I remember this thing.
Wait, I dropped it! Where'd it go?
I just had it! Where’d it go?
Now I got it!
There it is, thanks Daddy!
This thing is still pretty interesting...
This thing is still pretty interesting…
I'm done (with blanket scrunched up behind her).
I’m done (with blanket scrunched up behind her).
Standing up
Standing up
No wait, let's sit down.
Nah, I’d rather sit.
Kidding, I wanted to stand (ON MY OWN)!
Kidding, I just want to stand (ON MY OWN)!
Look I can do two things at once - stand on my own and spit barrels!
Look I can do two things at once – stand on my own with tongue out!
Who cares if I get it all over me...
Who cares if I get it all over me…
Now time for yummy socks!
I got a bone to pick with you, socks!
I look so good in that reflection I must kiss it.
I must kiss whoever that is in the reflection.
Spitting in action!
Spitting in action!
I'm picture perfect no matter what.
Still picture perfect no matter what.

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    1. Oh Leigh, me too! And I wish I could see your two sweethearts in person. I’m happy to hear your smallest is doing better. xo

  1. I loved your captions, they’re right on! Where did this beautiful little girl come from? Must have been Heaven. Isn’t it amazing that every new thing she learns brings is facinating to her.

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