Facebook hiatus, that is. I’ve been off of the mighty Facebook for the month of September. My obsession with being plugged in was beyond what I could handle. There isn’t any way that I could delete my account, I know better than that (and honestly, I don’t want to). However, I was pretty sure that I was capable of taking a break, so that’s what I did.

As we are nearing the end of the month and I have to say that I don’t really miss it. There’s a calm that comes without the white noise of Facebook.

Instagram is the one social media outlet that I have been indulging in. Which isn’t saying much because I only need to check it two times a day to get new posts. If I check it too often there isn’t anything new to see, which makes me feel like it’s a little boring. When really I’m checking it too often.

One of my biggest take aways from this whole thing is that I realized I’m not missing out on a whole lot. There’s a lot to be had from Facebook, I do enjoy what it originally offered, but I’m pretty sure what it offers now isn’t something I need. I’ve always been the overachiever in keeping in touch with friends that I’ve moved away from. If I’m honest I still want to be connected to them, but maybe more on a level from the days of letter writing. You got a lot more sincerity and true connection with those archaic letters.

Now, when something happens I text my husband. Sometimes I text a friend or my extended family, but there’s only a handful that I even think would care to hear it. Seeing what’s important and regulating my emotions is a lot easier to do without social media knocking at my door. That’s a definite.

So, we will see how all of this flushes out in October, once I log back on. Hopefully I’m able to keep a healthy balance. If I’m extra lucky, maybe it will be the catalyst to narrow down my “friend list.”

2 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. I took FB off my phone and it was superb. I only check it when I’m in my laptop or desktop, but I find myself there less often.

    1. I’m thinking of doing that, too. My only hesitation is that when I do get on the computer I’m in work mode. Combined with kids that think they should be on it instead of me. 😉

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