Five Inches

For several weeks now we’ve been talking about getting L.L.’s hair cut. She was constantly getting yogurt and cottage cheese in her hair. Along with rats nests in the back after sleeping on it. Not to mention that combing it seemed to be a criminal offense.

So, now we are sporting a new hairdo! What’s funny is, I think, Momma and Daddy had a harder time letting go of the long hair. The hairdresser said we cut off five inches, say what!?

L.L. hasn’t been affected at all. Except when we on our way there…

I had to fight her to walk there, for some reason she wanted to ride in the car when we passed it. Then she wouldn’t walk it, sat done on the concrete and then crawled in crying. Tried to walk out when we were supposed to be sitting in the chair. It was loads of fun! Even the lure of a lollipop wasn’t good enough. (Because she didn’t know what it was!)

However, with momma sitting first, then the ipad playing games, and finally a lick of that lollipop — we were on our way. Whew!

This is my life, folks. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.










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