Couples Costumes Rule!

The Milk Man & The Pregnant Housewife
2008 Version

Before I found my dear husband I wasn’t all that keen on couples costumes. Really, who is when they are single? Now, I can’t get enough of them and the more obscure and creative the better. I don’t really appreciate the trend of “sexy” or “slutty” outfits either, but understand wanting to feel what’s it like to look good in that kind of get up. (I’ll end here, because that is a whole other post, just waiting to seep out of my soap box.)

This year, we weren’t as creative as we have been in the past. However, it’s still a super awesome idea that we recycled from a few years ago. Our idea: The Milk Man with The Pregnant Housewife and it was a hit both times! I recommend doing this for any costume party, because people LOVE it.

The first year I dressed up in a more fashionable way with my hair curled, lots of make up, jewelry, fancy shoes and a huge fake belly. This year I decided to forego the fancy items and replace them with curlers in my hair and a scarf covering them. Still wore a little bit of make up, and added a trench coat that used to be my mothers. Also, didn’t have to wear the belly, even though, my husband thought I should because I am not showing that much. The hubs didn’t change anything but his name tag. This time he made a silver one from spray paint and cardboard.

It was perfect! I got comments the entire evening about how I looked like someone’s mother from when they were kids and one person who called me “Betty” every time I saw her. She even told me how there is a club for women that have that particular name and they actually meet because it’s a dying name – classic!

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