39 Weeks!

Yes, the title of this one is thirty-nine weeks! It’s officially the end of the road. My doctor has my due date as April 2nd in her files so that would mean I am a few days away from full term. I have been going with the April 5th since my first ultrasound. I know, it’s all pretty much the same. However, a week sounds a lot longer than a few days when you are this close!

At my appointment today the doctor said I am pretty much as far along as I was last week β€” great! She decided to strip my membranes. Sorry if this is TMI for some of you, I have heard that some folks think it is. I don’t and get these questions ALL the time, so I figure plenty of you are interested. For those of you who don’t know, when this happens naturally it usually means labor is a few days away. In my case, it might encourage labor (yay!)…we will see!

I also learned my doctor doesn’t like to let ladies go much past their due date, which is a relief for me. If I haven’t delivered this next week she will schedule an induction, and I am totally cool with that. I will be 40+ weeks and even more ready than I am while I am writing this.

Can’t wait to share the good news with everyone. I’ll keep you posted and you keep on reading!

39 Weeks! (The best I could do by myself, not really in focus but you can still see the important belly part.)

8 thoughts on “39 Weeks!”

  1. Congratulations and I really hope for your sake stripping your membranes works! Didn’t for me πŸ™ I had to be induced a week late for both my babies though. I wish you the best of luck for a speedy and safe delivery!!

    1. Thanks so much! And thanks for the comment. I am hopeful it will help move things along, but you never know. It will all work out however it’s supposed to. πŸ™‚

  2. My ass of a doctor did that to me without telling me first!! But then again baby was out 3 days after that which was great! You look awesome Gwen! I luv that color on you. Keep us posted! Good luck!

    1. Thanks girlie! If it happens in 3 days I will be a happy Momma! I’m surprised your doc didn’t tell you ahead of time, it’s not exactly a ‘walk in the park’ when they do it. I will def keep you posted. xo

  3. You look beautiful!!! So tiny….lots of love and positive energy your way!!! For your doc to strip your membranes, you must be pretty effaced and started to dilate.. Have a lovely birth Momma!

    1. Thanks Nadia! I am about 70% and about 2cm, so the same, but maybe a little more than last week. All the doctor said was I’m “about” the same. I’m getting back to being extra excited about her coming soon – yay!

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