35 Weeks!

Did someone say 35 weeks? Did I just say 35 weeks!?

Yep! I’m officially at 35 weeks + one day — unbelievable! 

Little girl is moving around all the time, so there isn’t any forgetting that we are about to be parents. It’s an exciting time for us and almost comical when I start to feel like she is playing drums or dancing on my insides. I have to say that I feel miserable quite often, but I am almost used to it, too. Knowing that we are rounding the corner to the end of the journey makes it all worth it and makes me feel like I can make it. It’s a good thing.

Some people have said I don’t look like I am that far along, which is fair, we are all different. However, you all know my doctor has gotten on my case about weight, even since I wrote my original blog post about it. Who really knows what’s normal. What I do know is if we are lucky enough to have another one I am not going to insist on the same doctor. I feel ok about my body and the way I am handling the pregnancy, and that matters much more, to me.

Enjoy the pictures, we meant to take one last week. Hopefully next week we will be more on top of it.

6 thoughts on “35 Weeks!”

  1. What a positive attitude you have! Congratulations for making this about you and not about your doctor. You look amazing!

    1. Thanks Tammy! I have found that it is the best way to be or you will drive yourself nuts. No one needs that! I’m about to post some more pictures from last weekend. Be on the lookout! 😉

  2. I agree you look radiant!!! your doctor is obviously insane …. cant wait to see baby Fuentes!

    1. Yea, I think she just has this thing about delivering “big” babies and all she can do is look at how much you are gaining to figure that part out. Then lecture which is maddening, when she never mentions anything else when you are fine. Feels like she treats me as if I’ve had 5 babies already. Nothing on the weight at my appointment today. Whew! And thanks, girlie!

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