Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

We have made it through Thanksgiving! Somehow I managed not to eat my weight in all the yummy holiday food.  The extended weekend started off with the Hubs sleeping in until 11a.m. (he went out, the previous night,with his friends for the annual “sand turkey” night) and me watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade with Domingo. I have to admit I was a little lonely without family or close friends around this year. Usually, I am fine without them, but this time it was harder. Must be all those extra pregnancy hormones.

Later on we went to a “Orphan” Thanksgiving Dinner at a new friend’s house, which was wonderful. We were in great company with amazing food and even better conversation. It really made the holiday for me. After a whole day of feeling down in the dumps this made me feel like it was actually a holiday! The highlight was our hostess, she set up a beautiful table with place cards and thank you notes for everyone for joining them. What a classy and thoughtful gal!

Friday was a good day, too. Got up early, since our big meal the night before put us to be by 10p.m. And for some reason I wanted to get out of the house, so I braved the Black Friday crowds (Hubs stayed home, of course). It ended up being the best idea! I always say that Black Friday is the gateway to Christmas and this year that’s exactly what it was for me. I left at 8:30a.m. and returned at 5p.m. – really I was shocked that I could walk around that long, but I did, and truly enjoyed myself. My feet were aching by that last hour, but it was worth it. I was in the Christmas spirit!

Saturday, I started off the day with yoga. It’s starting to get harder with the belly poking out, but I still love going. Sometimes, I wish was that my gym was a bit bigger to offer Pre-Natal classes. Then, we had breakfast on the front patio because we had a heat wave this weekend and I was in heaven! The rest of the day was a wash, as I tried to do a lot of computer organizing, but iTunes and my new OS was working against me. Eventually, I decided to call it a day and make a lasagna.

Sunday greeted us with 80° so I busted out shorts and a tank top – woohoo! We went to the dog park after having a surprise breakfast of cinnamon rolls – YUM! I couldn’t help myself at the grocery this week. Then, we decorated for Christmas! I put on holiday music, made peppermint brownies, and we got down to business. Now the house looks festive and I love it! Domingo was a little confused, but came out of his kennel to join us after watching us pull things out of boxes. I hope he likes Christmas as much as I do!

How was your Thanksgiving?