Did someone say, Comfy?

There are many things that can make a pregnant woman feel comfortable. Let’s say food, for instance; a sweet bowl of ice cream or candy bar leftover from Halloween or really, whatever is quick and can be stuffed into your mouth for instant gratification. Another one is that first split second when you lay down in bed at night. Isn’t that the greatest? However, what I really wanted to spotlight here are pregnancy pants.

Man, are those some of the best things ever invented for expecting women! At first, I tried them and all they did was slouch down because I don’t have any hips to keep them up, nor was my belly big enough (yet). Of course, I wasn’t fitting into my regular jeans either. So, I felt a little SOL until a friend of mine told me about the hairband trick for the button – ahhhh…relief!

Eventually, that wasn’t working either so I tried on the pregnancy pants, again. That was when I realize the glorious nature of those huge bands that replace the belt loops. I, seriously, don’t care how unsexy anyone thinks they are, I love them!

Luckily I was given a lot of maternity clothes from two of my friends. Anyone who knows me, realizes that I love second-hand anything, and maternity clothes are the best when they come from fashionable friends! The only drawback is that these friends are a bit shorter than me. So, when I put on those amazing pregnancy jeans I am also sporting high waters. Might not be the best look for me, but it will do. If high waters is the worst of it, I’ll take it!