Baby Boy Gets a Blog Name

Alright, I’m finally set to announce baby boy’s blog name! I know you all are very excited.

I have to admit that this was HARD! I mean, come on, L.L. for Little Love is pretty ideal. How was I going to top that!? Not to mention the ooh’s and ahhh’s I get every time I tell people about the nickname and blog. Definitely feeling the pressure!

We have decided C-Cito or Cecito (pronounced siseeto). This stands for Corazoncito, which translate to Little Heart in English. It might have taken me 6 weeks + all those months I was pregnant, but I finally figured out something that is worthy of our new addition.

So there you have it. He’s our Cecito, and we all adore him.

(I have chosen to spell it this way because it’s easier to type and looks like a name.)

We had a few contenders. Just in case you are curious, here are the ones that didn’t win out:
LP: album (duh!), Little Prince (this is something Gil’s sister likes to call him from their childhood), and my favorite Little Punk*
BB: Baby Boy, Bebe (what L.L. usually calls him, second is ‘bruder’), Big Bruiser (suggestion from my sister, Auntie Rae Rae)
MM: Mister Mister
LM: Little Man
LT: Little Tyke

* I had a post written all about this one, that’s how close we came to using it, instead.

What do you think? Did we pick the nickname you would have?