40+ Weeks!

April 5, 2012 by gwendolyn | 7 Comments

Alrighty, we are officially as far as I ever wanted to go. I know that means about nothing in terms of having a little one, but WOW, the difference a few weeks makes on your body with the aches and pains!

Today, is my appointment at the doctor to see how everything is going. Last week, she said she would schedule an induction if I hadn’t already had the baby. So, I wanted to write a post just in case she sends me to the hospital today.

Yesterday, was a really hard day. I felt, plain bad all day, then having (what I think are) labor pains throughout the late evening and night. My in-laws are here and I love them, dearly, but they sure are getting me on a sour note. I keep saying this is what the 9 months are for. You start off being scared to death of labor, then at the end all you want it to just not be pregnant anymore, so birth doesn’t scare you as much. We will see how well that pans out when the real labor pains happen!

Here’s a picture we took early this morning. Enjoy!

40+ Weeks and early in the morning!