Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

November 28, 2011 by gwendolyn

We have made it through Thanksgiving! Somehow I managed not to eat my weight in all the yummy holiday food.  The extended weekend started off with the Hubs sleeping in until 11a.m. (he went out, the previous night,with his friends for the annual “sand turkey” night) and me watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade with Domingo. I have to admit I was a little lonely without family or close friends around this year. Usually, I am fine without them, but this time it was harder. Must be all those extra pregnancy hormones.

Later on we went to a “Orphan” Thanksgiving Dinner at a new friend’s house, which was wonderful. We were in great company with amazing food and even better conversation. It really made the holiday for me. After a whole day of feeling down in the dumps this made me feel like it was actually a holiday! The highlight was our hostess, she set up a beautiful table with place cards and thank you notes for everyone for joining them. What a classy and thoughtful gal!

Friday was a good day, too. Got up early, since our big meal the night before put us to be by 10p.m. And for some reason I wanted to get out of the house, so I braved the Black Friday crowds (Hubs stayed home, of course). It ended up being the best idea! I always say that Black Friday is the gateway to Christmas and this year that’s exactly what it was for me. I left at 8:30a.m. and returned at 5p.m. – really I was shocked that I could walk around that long, but I did, and truly enjoyed myself. My feet were aching by that last hour, but it was worth it. I was in the Christmas spirit!

Saturday, I started off the day with yoga. It’s starting to get harder with the belly poking out, but I still love going. Sometimes, I wish was that my gym was a bit bigger to offer Pre-Natal classes. Then, we had breakfast on the front patio because we had a heat wave this weekend and I was in heaven! The rest of the day was a wash, as I tried to do a lot of computer organizing, but iTunes and my new OS was working against me. Eventually, I decided to call it a day and make a lasagna.

Sunday greeted us with 80° so I busted out shorts and a tank top – woohoo! We went to the dog park after having a surprise breakfast of cinnamon rolls – YUM! I couldn’t help myself at the grocery this week. Then, we decorated for Christmas! I put on holiday music, made peppermint brownies, and we got down to business. Now the house looks festive and I love it! Domingo was a little confused, but came out of his kennel to join us after watching us pull things out of boxes. I hope he likes Christmas as much as I do!

How was your Thanksgiving?



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20 Weeks!

November 24, 2011 by gwendolyn | Comments Off on 20 Weeks!

Here we are – HALF WAY! I seriously cannot believe it. It’s pretty cool to think that in April we will have a little girl that has stolen our hearts. As rough of a week this has been, it always makes me more grounded when I think about that. I have a lot to be thankful for; and this is the perfect time of year to stop, smell the roses, and embrace my wonderful life. ♥

Exactly 20 Weeks

20 Weeks & 4 Days

We're Having . . . A Cake Party!

November 21, 2011 by gwendolyn | 18 Comments

This past weekend we had one of our biggest events yet, our Baby Gender Reveal Party! I’m officially 20 weeks (there will be a post about that this week, too), which is exciting for a number of reasons. First, I am half way through the pregnancy! Where did the time go, right?! Second, we had an ultrasound where we could find out the gender of our little peanut.

Let’s start this off by saying that I wasn’t convinced I wanted to know what we were having before the birth. All my life I have imagined that I would find out in the hospital after a long delivery. It would be as magical as they always say it is. THEN, a friend of mine told me about Cake Parties and I was suddenly interested. Not that finding out the gender of the baby was a big deal, but cutting into a cake to find out with all our friends seemed like the MOST fun thing I could think of. Pretty much, I was hooked on the idea right away.

So, we did it! Went to the ultrasound, looked away when the technician was determining, and had him write it down on a sheet of paper that was sealed in an envelope. Which was technically the back-up, because we also had an envelope of the ultrasound showing the gender.

Our baker was Let’em Eat Cake  –  Jeffrey, the owner, is great! He told us that we would get a blueberry cake if it’s a boy or a red velvet cake if it’s a girl. We ware thrilled with the flavors and couldn’t wait to get the cake. He works out of his home and when we dropped off the envelope all you could smell was icing and cake, it was amazing! I was extremely excited.

Then, we got to planning the rest of the party. We decided we would have some fun with it and asked everyone to predict boy or girl. We had beaded necklaces for everyone to wear when they decided, so we could tell who was on what team. Along with that we got prizes for all the ones that chose correctly. We were ready for some fun!

Prize Box

On Saturday I went to pick up the cake and the hubs stayed home to decorate! Here are the results:

Our Baby Gender Reveal Cake


How cute is all of that!?

Onto the reveal! That is what you are all here waiting for, right? Below is a video of us cutting that beautiful cake. Go ahead and watch…I’ll wait.

Gathering our Guests

Hubs not wanting to see the "crumbs" from the first cut.

Domingo wants in on the fun, too!

Dad is a bit overwhelmed.

Looks like we are going to be seeing a lot of pink in our future – we are having a little GIRL! Daddy got a little emotional right off the bat and it took Mom a few minutes for it to sink in. Even today, I think we are still processing it, but very excited at the same time.

As you can tell, I was wearing blue beads, so I was wrong in my prediction but there were many more that were correct. Here are some pictures of the fun prizes that they got.

Light Up Teeth

Googly Glasses

Spy Glasses

Transformers Paddle Game & Pen Necklace that Retracts

Plus, who could forget our four-legged friend. Domingo joined in on the fun when he got his first jacket. Now he’s all ready for winter, not to mention stylin’!

Gangsta Stylin'

Everyone Loves Him!

Matching Duo

As you can see, we all had a wonderful time! It was an amazing night for us and we couldn’t be happier with all our friends who were there to share it with us. We can’t thank them enough. ♥

Not to mention how yummy the cake was. Everyone had some and I don’t think anyone had any left on their plates. I know I cleaned my plate! Thanks to our baker, Jeffrey.

We All Loved The Cake!

End of The Night Group Shot

I Love Birthdays

November 15, 2011 by gwendolyn

We celebrated a birthday this past weekend and I have to say it took me 5 years to finally get down a great plan. My husband never wants to celebrate his birthday, and I just can’t let that happen. Birthday’s are meant for celebrating. If I had my way I might celebrate mine the entire month! It’s only natural, right?

Since, last year was a big one, I didn’t feel that we needed to have to make it a huge event. Especially since I have to convince the birthday boy to even admit to the day. However, we definitely needed to do something – anything!

Amazingly, it hit me a few weeks before. So, I had plenty of time to work it out and not stress or even have to really think about it. This is key for me, because otherwise, I might not be able to pull off any kind of surprise. BUT I did, and it was SO worth it!

We met his dear friends, whom he never gets to see these days, downtown for a lovely Italian lunch and then moved our way over to the USS Midway. He was shocked to find out that I had contacted them to spend the whole day with us and loved the activity. Simple and perfect – I now know the secret! ♥

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The Second, Love of My Life

November 4, 2011 by gwendolyn

Today, I wanted to talk about our four-legged friends.

When I was a kid I wanted a dog so badly I couldn’t stand it. My sister and I begged for a number of years to get one, only hear, “Ask your father,” or “I know who’s going to end up taking care of the pet when you lose interest.” So, I was forever that person who never had a pet. You don’t know crazy looks until you tell someone you haven’t ever had a pet. They reply with bulging eyes and say, “NEVER!?” Most will go on asking about individual types of pets because they, just don’t believe you. And I have to admit, once I was an adult I just didn’t care anymore. I was used to not having one and that was it. They became this kind of slobbering, smelly, dependent that cost a lot of money and kept you chained at home.

THEN I met my future husband. He’s a dog lover. I even think he would love cats, if they didn’t make him sneeze with watery eyes and lose lung capacity. He grew up with animals as pets, even a cat! So, I knew when we started talking about marriage I was, eventually, in for a pet of my very own. At first, I was resistant – very resistant. There were a number of reasons, but the very first was the cost. They are expensive and we aren’t exactly living in a huge house with a yard for them to run and play. What if it gets sick? We love to go away on weekends, will that have to come to an end? How much does a kennel cost? The questions went on, and on… so, he was patient and waited. Never said anything to pressure me or even make me feel guilty.

You know that worked, it’s this quiet magic he has. I knew he wanted one, didn’t push the issue, so I wanted to give him one. And last December I decided I was going to get him a dog for Christmas. It was perfect; he got sent out-of-town, las minute, on business, for the entire week before the holiday. That was plenty of time to find one and surprise him on Christmas Eve, when he returned.

What I found was that the quest wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Some of these shelters have an insane amount of paperwork, you pay a fee, and then you still might not get the dog and you have to wait a month! I was so overwhelmed by that and the sheer amount of animals that needed homes, that I gave up. It wasn’t the special surprise I wanted it to be, but I still surprised him with the news that I even wanted to look for one.

So, we started the search together and the next month we found our perfect little friend! It was so easy, but that’s another story for another post. Here are some pictures of my pal; he’s well-behaved, hardly barks, and loves to cuddle. His name is, Domingo. ♥


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Couples Costumes Rule!

November 2, 2011 by gwendolyn | 2 Comments

The Milk Man & The Pregnant Housewife

2008 Version

Before I found my dear husband I wasn’t all that keen on couples costumes. Really, who is when they are single? Now, I can’t get enough of them and the more obscure and creative the better. I don’t really appreciate the trend of “sexy” or “slutty” outfits either, but understand wanting to feel what’s it like to look good in that kind of get up. (I’ll end here, because that is a whole other post, just waiting to seep out of my soap box.)

This year, we weren’t as creative as we have been in the past. However, it’s still a super awesome idea that we recycled from a few years ago. Our idea: The Milk Man with The Pregnant Housewife and it was a hit both times! I recommend doing this for any costume party, because people LOVE it.

The first year I dressed up in a more fashionable way with my hair curled, lots of make up, jewelry, fancy shoes and a huge fake belly. This year I decided to forego the fancy items and replace them with curlers in my hair and a scarf covering them. Still wore a little bit of make up, and added a trench coat that used to be my mothers. Also, didn’t have to wear the belly, even though, my husband thought I should because I am not showing that much. The hubs didn’t change anything but his name tag. This time he made a silver one from spray paint and cardboard.

It was perfect! I got comments the entire evening about how I looked like someone’s mother from when they were kids and one person who called me “Betty” every time I saw her. She even told me how there is a club for women that have that particular name and they actually meet because it’s a dying name – classic!